Collaborative Curb Cleaning

People raking the curb.Simple in design, but mighty in its impact, this project organizes neighbors living in Como Lake’s sub-watershed to work together on reducing the nutrient pollution washing down our street storm drains and into Como Lake each year.

Kickoff Date for 2017 Curb Cleaning Season is Saturday, October 7th!

Our focus is leaves! Specifically all those fall leaves that accumulate in the street gutters or “curbs” that border our home properties.

Hard surfaces + leaves + stormwater runoff = nutrient pollution!

When rainwater flows through leaves in street gutters phosphorus and nitrogen leach out creating nutrient infused runoff. This runoff then flows into our underground storm sewers that empty into Como Lake and the Mississippi River. Como Lake is already impaired due to excessive nutrients that feed noxious algae. This causes poor water quality and a significantly degraded lake ecosystem.

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How to Take Part in the CCCC!

Como neighbors who want to be part of this community-wide effort can join our network of Demonstration Houses – those who demonstrate the household practice of cleaning leaves from curbs in front of their home throughout leaf drop season. We do this practice collectively and then measure our aggregated phosphorus pollution prevention impact.

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