Como Curb Cleanup

People raking the curb.Simple in design, but mighty in its impact, the Como Curb Cleanup is a collective action initiative, led by Como neighbors, that reduces water pollution impacts to our beloved local waters – Como Lake and the Mississippi River.

2019 Curb Cleaning season begins Saturday, Oct. 5th!

Our focus is leaves! All those fall leaves that accumulate in our street gutters or “curbs” in front of our properties.

Hard surfaces + leaves + stormwater runoff = nutrient pollution in local waters!

When rainwater flows through leaf litter accumulated along street curbs, phosphorus and nitrogen leach out of those leaves (think of a tea bag). This creates nutrient infused runoff that flows to the nearest storm drain and into underground storm sewer pipes that empty into Como Lake and the Mississippi River.

Como Lake is already impaired due to excessive nutrients that feed noxious algae. This annual pollution influx coming from our neighborhood streets further degrades lake and river water quality and damages the aquatic ecosystem.

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How to Take Part in the CCC!

Como neighbors who want to be part of this community-wide effort to significantly REDUCE nutrient pollution to our local waters can join our network of Demonstration Houses – neighbors who demonstrate the household practice of weekly leaf litter removal from curbs in front of their home throughout leaf drop season – October and November. We do this practice collectively and then measure our aggregated phosphorus pollution prevention impact. Click HERE to join us.

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