Last Year’s Curb Cleaning Results

2019 RESULTS (we did not track in 2020)

Total Participating Houses: 81

(64 returning and 17 new)

Combined curb footage cleaned of leaves each week: 7592 feet

Plus, curb footage cleaned by general community members: 2048 feet

Total feet: 9640

At the end of November we ask participating households to report to us how many feet of curb they took responsibility for keeping clean of leaf litter once a week during the 6 to 8 weeks of leaf drop season. We also ask neighbors from the broader Como neighborhood to also share with us if they cleaned leaf litter from their curb once or more times during the fall.

We then take this info and PLUG IT INTO OUR FORMULA provided by University of MN scientist, Dr. Sarah Hobbie:

9680 feet of curb cleaned x .00125 pounds of P prevented per foot cleaned = 12.05 pounds of phosphorus prevented from local waters: Como Lake and the Mississippi River.


Grant $: $0 (we chose to forgo grant money again this year!)

Pounds of P prevented: 12.05

Cost per pound of P prevented = $0!

THANK YOU NEIGHBORS!!  Together, we are making a significant impact in preventing excessive phosphorus from entering our beloved Como Lake and Mississippi River, thereby preventing 5,085 tons of noxious algae!!

Curb Cleaning Overview

Demonstration Houses

Video: Make a Simple Composter

Backyard Composting 101

Como Lakeshed Map

Research on Leaves and Stormwater

Photos of Como Curb Cleaners

Downloadable Promo Materials

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