Demonstration Houses

IMG_1875In 2019 we had 81 demonstration houses! 

Demonstration houses (DHs) are the backbone of the Como Curb Cleanup project. DHs own or rent property in the Como neighborhood. They demonstrate the practice of weekly removal of leaf litter that accumulates in street gutters that border their property. This is done throughout leaf drop season – October through November. By engaging in this practice collectively, across many Como neighborhood blocks, we are able to synchronize and maximize our water pollution prevention impact.

To be a Demonstration House send your NAME and ADDRESS to .

What exactly does a DH do?

  1. Display a DH lawn sign in your front yard.
  2. Once a week, during October and November, remove any accumulated leaf litter from street gutters that border your property. Your curbs don’t have to be leaf-free 24/7. Weekly removal of any accumulation is plenty.
  3.  Keep this practice simple, otherwise you might avoid doing it. Sweeping or blowing accumulated curb leaves up onto your boulevard until you’re ready to manage the leaves in your yard is perfectly fine. Removing leaves from the hard surface of the street before rain (runoff) mixes with them is the crux of this practice.
  4.  When you are ready to tackle yard leaves, you have several options: 1. MOW over them to create lawn mulch or 2. RAKE them and then a. COMPOST them in your backyard or b. TRANSPORT them to a Ramsey county yard waste site or c. bag them (in a compostable bag) to be HAULED away by your trash company.
  5. At the end of leaf drop season (our first significant snow or Thanksgiving, whichever comes first) the CACN leadership team will email you with a link where you can report the length of curb area you cleaned. From this we will calculate our aggregated, collective impact.

If you have questions, please contact us at

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