Research on Leaves and Stormwater

This page is new, so we’ll add more to it soon, but a few interesting articles you can read about the impact of tree leaves that fall within urbanized watersheds and their impact on the local waters that take in the watershed’s stormwater.

Decomposition of tree leaf litter on pavement: implications for urban water quality
by Sarah E. Hobbie, Lawrence A. Baker, Christopher Buyarski, Daniel Nidzgorski & Jacques C. Finlay. Urban Ecosystems 17:365-385 (2014)

Quantifying Nutrient Removal through Targeted Intensive Street Sweeping by Paula Kalinosky, Lawrence Baker, Sarah Hobbie, and Ross Bintner. Stormwater Research at St. Anthony Falls Lab, U of M.  Volume 8 – issue 3 (March 2013)

Nutrients: Phosphorus, Nitrogen Sources, Impact on Water Quality – A General Overview by the MN Pollution Control Agency

(this page will be updated with many more articles of interest soon, so come back for more later!)

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