Leaf Management 101

backyard.compostersOur partners at District 10 Como Community Council and Ramsey County Environmental Services are promoting composting of all kinds – food waste, yard waste, and other compostables. Both have graciously provided us with helpful links for folks wanting to set up backyard composting. We’ve also added a link to a great video created by Capitol Region Watershed District on making a simple backyard leaf composter out of chicken wire.

Also, mowing over leaves to make mulch, or using whole leaves strategically in your garden spaces, is a great way to reuse leaves on your property. We’ve added several links to informative articles about this practice.

A Recipe for Good Clean Dirt – from RethinkRecycling

Backyard Composting Guide – from University of Minnesota Extension

Composting and Mulching: a guide to managing organic yard wastes – from University of Minnesota Extension

How to Compost Your Organic Waste – from MN Pollution Control Agency

Diagnosing Common Backyard Composting Problems – from MN Pollution Control Agency

Why You Should Leave the Leaves – from National Wildlife Federation

For the Greenest Yard, Leave the Leaves Behind – from Consumer Reports

Skip Raking This Year – from Stillwater Gazette

Smart Gardeners Mulch Fallen Leaves and Save Money – from Michigan State University Extension

Mulching Tree Leaves into Lawn – from MSU Extention

Forget the Rake and Mulch Your Leaves into the Lawn – from TheDay

Make a Simple Composter – from Capitol Region Watershed District

Sure Fire Way to Improve Plant Growth – Compost Guide – from Robinson Love Plants

 For more detail on the Como Curb Cleanup project, see also:

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