We’re trying to collect up articles and blog posts that mention us, or that we’ve written ourselves, and slide decks of presentations we’ve given over the years about our efforts here in Como.

2015 – 6th Annual Como Curb Cleanup: October 3 – November 14 – published by Capitol Region Watershed District (Fall 2015 Issue, Page 3)

2015 – What We Call Ourselves Matters – published by Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative

2014 – How Citizens Use Politics to Act – published by Minnesota Active Citizen Initiative.

2013 – St. Paul Sustainability Awards – published by the Mayor’s Office.  CACN (formerly CLNN) won in the water conservation category.

2013 – Como Story (ppt) – talk given by Janna at a Dakota County citizen engagement workshop.

2013 – Como Lake KAP Study: Audience Analysis Results (ppt) – talk given at Clean Water Summit by Elizabeth Beckman of Capitol Region Watershed District and Janna Caywood of CACN (formerly CLNN).

2012 – OPINION | St. Paul’s Como Park neighbors combine leaf raking and community conversation in Como Curb Cleanup – published by Twin Cities Daily Planet

2012 – Fall 2012 Como Curb Cleanup results show record turnout in Como Park – published by Midway Como Monitor

2010 – Community Clean-Ups fight phosphorus, algae – published by Freshwater Society.

2009 – Como Neighbors Wade into Stormwater Management – published by Park Bugle

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