A Heartfelt THANK YOU to Our Como Neighbors

We could not do our work without our amazing Como neighbors. In fact, our very reason for existing is to provide the means for all of us who live and work in Como to collectively work on complex community issues, so we can synchronize and maximize our impact on the common good.  We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking part in our initiatives and for sharing your experiences, perspectives, time, energy and passion.  You are what makes Como a place we call home.

We also want to thank the organizations that support and collaborate with us

As with any complex issue, working on Como Lake’s water quality struggles is not something we can or should do alone.  As we seek to build our leadership role in reducing and preventing pollution sources that originate within the Como neighborhood, we are thankful for the wonderful support we’ve received from these organizations:

City of St. Paul Parks Department, Natural Resources Section – in particular Cy Kosel, Faith Krogstad, and the great guys and gals that make up the Natural Resources Section.

Capitol Region Watershed District – in particular Lindsay Schwantes and Jessica Bromelkamp, who lead CRWD’s community engagement, and the Board of Managers, who’ve approved grant $ for CACN for several years.

Ramsey County Environmental Health – in particular Pete Miller and John Springman, who (among other things) supervise the yard waste sites.

District 10 Como Community Council – in particular Michael Kuchta, Executive Director and Mike Ireland, Board member, Environment Committee member, and CACN lead team!

University of Minnesota urban ecosystem and stormwater researchers  – in particular Drs. Sarah Hobbie and Jacques Finlay, who are also fellow Como neighbors!

Citizens League – last but certainly not least, we thank our mentors from the Citizens League. They are the reason the CACN was launched in the first place in our quest to build community conditions for civic leadership and collective caretaking of our common good assets.

Past Collaborators and Supporters

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