There are many things we Como neighbors are learning to do at home to manage the storm water flowing off our property and into street storm sewer drains.  These are often referred to as stormwater “best management practices” or BMPs.  A list of things residents can do can be found here.

ACTION PROJECTS are those practices we can do together with other neighbors – as a neighborhood.  These not only improve water quality, they also create a sense of community togetherness, improve our knowledge of how watersheds (and sewersheds) work, and have a much bigger impact on pollution reduction because our efforts are synchronized and maximized.  Taking action together as neighbors let’s us demonstrate (to ourselves as well as to others) the critical role citizens and communities play in restoring Minnesota’s impaired waters and protecting them well into the future.

Thus far the Como Lake Neighbor Network has developed ONE action project – the Como Curb Cleanup – which typically takes place in the Fall.  As our Network grows, we hope to add new Action Projects that not only improve the water quality of our local lakes and rivers, but also increase our neighbor-collaboration capacity and our civic leadership skills.  Ideas are welcome!

 Como Curb Cleaning

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